The Day I Kissed Rachel Sweet

As you get older, the mind sometimes tend to wander back in time to those moments that could have, may have….. changed my life.

One such moment was when at Aston University.. I was the Stage Manager – a volunteer position – in the Student’s Union. One day back then we had the Stiff tour booked. This was a bunch of artists signed to the Stiff record label. It had Wreckless Eric and a number of others present including one young gal from America by the name of Rachel Sweet……

My job was to ensure the contract was fulfilled regarding dressing rooms, drinks, food and so on and that stage times were kept to, equipment moved and so on. But when I got a glimpse of Rachel…. Well, we go talking and I just let the gig manage itself. I remember standing in a doorway done the back stage corridor, she and I, chatting, laughing, smiling and then yes, a kiss.

Suddenly, she had to go on stage and she sang a short set including “Alison” dedicated to me, and then she was whipped away by her handlers – she was after all only 17. She waved goodbye and was gone….

Bitter/Sweet memory.

But did she have a voice….. and she was so beautiful.

Rachel Sweet

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