Trouble Imagining Being Female

One of the issues that I experienced in invoking the Goddesses was simply imaging what it was like to be female. I found this remarkably hard! I was surprised by that to be honest. Here is an extract from Chasing the Goddess…..

Back home, the meditations continued. I tried to do walking meditations imaging that I were Morana but without so much of the success I had had with the two gods – Perun and Veles. Perhaps it was difficult for me to imagine being a female deity? None the less, I persisted and would get some impressions like the idea of Morana as being ‘my perception.’ I puzzled no end over that one but wondered if she was telling me that I had developed a bit of a gloomy perception of things? One impression that I got a lot was one of being retracted into the Earth – a sort of pulling in – a withdrawal back to security of the womb? She was a mirror to life, snowy, cold, even emotionally cold with an embrace that welcomed you like the grave – again a retraction back into the Earth.

Chasing the Goddess became an odyssey into my own subconscious mind or underworld. There I met demons and chaotic forces yet in the Spring, I re-emerged helped by the natural cyclic push to grow and emerge from the darkness into the light. What had I brought forth from the darkness?

Chasing the Goddess is out now in Kindle and paperback formats.