A Tribe of One

You can call me a tribe of one

I won’t be labelled

I won’t be grouped

I won’ be divided and conquered

I’m not my race

I’m not my gender

I’m not my nationality

I’m not my religion

So please don’t pigeon

Hole me as what I am not

I’m a tribe of one

I’m me

Independent, strong and true

I’m a human and I bleed

My heart pumps life force

I have empathy but

Most of all

I can see right from wrong

I can never be what you want

I’m a tribe of one

Living strong

Accepting responsibility

Living My life

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Refusing to be grouped

Divided or conquered

Refusing to be blamed

For your lack of something

For your failure to learn

For your lack of self worth

Accept responsibility

And become another

Tribe of one

In a Sea of balanced humanity.