Woke Corporations

I don’t know about you but when I purchase something from a firm or organization, I am looking for quality at a reasonable cost, a good guarantee and customer service. I’m not looking for them to tell me how to live or think. Yet, increasingly, this is happening. I think it is time we sent these corporations a message – We don’t care what you think! And you have no right to tell us what to think or to try to limit our freedom of speech.

So, to the CEO of Marks & Spencer who tells us he is a privileged white man and so he thinks that the underwear they sell should be modeled on George Floyd, my advice is resign and give your job to someone with half a clue as to how to run a business – unless you intend to start selling Jimmy Saville track suits or perhaps Jeffrey Dahmer kitchenware. To the people who run the NBA – stop supporting the anti-family, marxist and racist BLM or see your significance as a league diminish beyond return. To Coca Cola, Nivea and Ikea – you pull your advertising from GB News, I stop buying your crappy products.

It’s time we got corporations to butt out of politics. Its time we all made it clear that we don’t want to buy woke brands.

Who will join me?