It’s All Narrative

I’m not sure what has happened to me this last few weeks but I have come to a set of conclusions that has my head spinning. I no longer believe anything I was taught or told. It’s all narrative. And I’m saying this as a PhD scientist by training. It is very disconcerting.

We all know that history is written by the winner. But what winner does this saying allude to? In science, the winner is usually a temporary position because as I learned almost immediately, science is political (it always has been but it is even more so now). Try challenging the current status quo and usually, the defensive ranks close and you find yourself isolated. Besides, someone has to fund this work and well, follow the money.

I no longer think we live in a world of particles. It’s all a lie. Well, a narrative. A story someone made up to try to explain things. Eventually, the story becomes so entrenched, it’s hard to critique it. I think we live in magneto-electric world of sound and frequency – vibration. And, to my utter amazement, if you follow that to its logical conclusion then, well…. the Earth is most probably flat or at least disc-shaped. I never thought I would say those words….. but, I am increasingly forced to question that the Earth is half a magnetic field – it would be unique if it were.

Vasey has lost the plot? Nope. I just think we try to explain the world around us with narratives. Being human, we tend to seek power via these narratives and once we have power, we do not want to lose it so the narrative becomes everything.

I read that many young people are really scared over climate. Why? What reasons do they have to be scared? I will tell you – the narrative. But in a world where the most sophisticated meteorologist with the biggest and most powerful computers can’t predict the weather 5 minutes from now, how can they predict the climate? They can’t. The models are wrong but rather than admit that this narrative is wrong, they ignore or change the facts. There is a fortune at stake after all.

We talk about COVID and have all these experts but there is no agreement. There is a narrative and any doctors who go against the narrative? Pushed aside, their careers sometimes destroyed. Why? Follow the money people…. I’m not even sure that our current theories on viruses are even correct. I’m no longer sure viruses are anything but narrative. A pretty way to explain things that is actually totally wrong.

Is mankind just a couple of hundred thousand years old? Well, actually, there is lots of evidence suggesting man has been around millions of years – its just it doesn’t fit the narrative so its hidden, laughed at, disputed and eradicated. So, how can we even know the truth then?

So, at the age of 61, I’m now suddenly not sure of anything. All I see are narratives. The narratives are given psychic energy and become egregores. We give them power over us. Yet, these things are our creation.

Imagine, we live in a powerful holodeck like in Star Trek. Whatever we care to imagine can become reality. We create our own demons. We create our own monsters. And then we give them power over us by giving them energy. Yep – I sound nuts. But, this is what I am thinking at this moment and nothing I thought I knew can now be trusted.

The only thing I am sure of is this. Truth comes from inside of us. Everything external is NOT to be trusted.

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