Sitting in Judgement

Just recently, I see all kinds of posts, comments and stories judging historical people. It has become certain people’s hobby to sit in judgement of historical people and virtue signal. When I have challenged one or two with the comment just wait and see how you are judged in a hundred years, they seem to believe they will be seen as wonderful.

How do you tell someone that whatever they do, in a hundred or so years time, they will be seen as backward, socially inept, silly, perhaps even totalitarian and inhuman? It is inevitable. The narrative that most of humanity will be dancing virtuously to, will be so different by then.

I won’t waste my time judging historical people. They lived in a different era under different circumstances and with narratives I cannot possibly understand. Their lives were shaped by their life experiences and are not for me to judge. In fact, the only life I should be judging is my own and I fall a long way short of where I would like to be. I’m judging right now though you know. Or, am I discriminating and applying logic and fact to what has become a modern trend of judging historical figures by some set of standards that no one has ever lived by?

My advise to those who engage in this behavior is the advice I would give myself. Go have a good hard look at yourself and your motivations for doing this…. we may find the planks in our own eyes more of an issue….