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I just got back from a week’s holiday. I didn’t go far. Just 50-80km south and east of Brno into the Morava river valley and an area of small mountains called the Chriby. The intent was to combine a bit of Slavic history with some wine and wellness. I cam back fully engaged in what may be a life time project.

See, initially, I went to Mikulčice. This is the site of a major Slavic fort from the 900-1000 time period that I had started mapping energy lines across. I wanted to fill in the gaps of what is a very complex array of lines in a small area. If you want to stay abreast of this, please do visit the blog at www.earthenergybrno.com where I tend to write detailed accounts. I had a really great day virtually alone there in the end because the tornado had torn a path through the town and massive rebuilding is taking place. Me? I drove through the wreckage and down to the border with Slovakia to find the place empty. Perfect if I’m honest.

From there, I visited a few other places before getting to my first Hotel (where no one checked me for anything related to COVID and where masks where not anywhere to be seen). The first day, I had been to investigate the Moravian Sahara…. that was fun too… I will make videos of all these sites for my youtube channel. The third day, I started looking for another Slavic hill fort that until that day, I had not heard of. This place was a real hunt but I eventually found it after a steep muddy climb up a sizeable hill and, once again, found myself alone at the ruins of a 9th Century church. A quick dowse confirmed it too had an energy line running through it. This made me laugh out loud and if anyone else had been there, they would think me certifiable. But I was laughing at the realisation that I was probably the only person in the world who knew that every Slavic church ruin had an energy line running through it!

Thinks sort of developed from there. I then went to visit a Castle (Cimburk) thinking I would find that on a line but did not. Then, I visited another Castle and discovered it too was not on a line. (I discovered later that both were very near but not on lines). Nearby was a chapel so off I went hiking to that at the top of yet another hill. This did have an energy line through it. Walking back to the Castle, I tracked the line plotting it as I went discovering it just missed the Castle and my Hotel!

This is when things snowballed.

I suddenly realised a whole bunch of random facts that now seemed to be linked. I will try to outline them below;

  1. When tracking lines dowsing, I am surrounded by butterflies,
  2. Churches – even relatively modern ones – that have the cross associated with Saints Cyril and Methodius – often are on energy lines or near one,
  3. At some point, I discovered that I could dowse driving (Yes, probably dangerous but none the less true),
  4. At some point, I realised that I could sense a line before I reached it and that if I asked my rods to point to the nearest line – they did!
  5. I also discovered that while the lines ran for tens of kilometers in more or less straight lines, they could suddenly turn sharply and follow a new trend. Not only that but they could and did literally move to run through churches down the aisle,
  6. I think I should try to write a paper or two if there is a journal of dowsing about my discoveries…

Suddenly, I was back at Velehrad mapping the two energy lines through the Basilica and realising that is where the energy you can feel in the Church originates. Then I was back at Modra mapping the line I knew went through the ruined Slavic Church there and following it to the Basilica. Next I was up to the King’s Table stone circle mapping the two lines that run through it and discovering one also ran through the Basilica……

Next I was criss-crossing the area in the car stopping at every twitch of my rod to confirm or deny the presence of a line. This took me to some amazing places and along the way, I found all sorts of weird and interesting things. I even bumped into a couple visiting the churchyard of a church kilometers away from where earlier, we had been sitting in a coffee and cake shop drinking coffee!

So then suddenly, all the locations I have been to in the last year all came into focus. They are all on these lines! My vacation turned into a long drive up and down roads, up hills, down rivers, and into the back streets of towns seeking the energy lines. Hell, I even ended up in the Museum in Stare Mesto dowsing the in situ church ruins to discover – YES – the line ran through the church even inside a museum.

So now I’m sitting at home wondering how best to put this all on paper? I used Google maps so I can have the detail and yet also the regional view. It was then that I realised….. this is going to take a long time to complete! But I have a plan. Now I can see the gaps and look at the maps for roads to traverse in the gaps…. that way, I can slowly solve the puzzle of the energy lines in the region.

Meanwhile, stay posted to my EarthMagic blog for specific site reports and my youtube channel for video blogs!

I feel another book coming too…

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