Facebook – Increasingly Ridiculous

I was one of the first to join Facebook back in 2007. I thought it a brilliant idea. I was introduced to it by my student son. At first, no one had heard of it it but gradually it became a platform for staying in touch with friends and relatives as well as for marketing my books, songs and blogs etc.

However, in the last few years, Facebook’s increasing ridiculousness has gotten me to the point of saying goodbye. First, they started to reduce the number of people your posts got shown to in order to have you boost the post for money. Then they changed how it looked.

Then, I discovered that this platform was farming me and not via Farmville but rather through AI. Suddenly, I was getting adverts for things it shouldn’t know I had any interest in and suggested friends that I knew. It could only be getting that information from the access I gave the iphone version to my contacts and to my browsing behaviour. Over time, this became more and more insidious so that I removed the iphone version from my phone – yet, I still have Whatsapp – a facebook product that I will also shortly toss in the garbage and swap out for something less invasive and more respectful of my privacy.

But then I discovered that FB was selling my data to the highest bidder. Not just my data but everything it could glean about me – a psychological profile if you will gained through AI, rummaging through my phone and computer, recording posts I didn’t post but thought better of or deleted and so on.

In short – this is alarming. This is how totalitarianism begins.

I announced a couple of times I’m quitting the platform as a result. I did for a while but came back. But then, FB started telling me what to think, how to think and what I could say. This is when I call Bullshit! The blatant promotion of propaganda, fake news, pseudoscience and more is why the world is in a mess right now. I hold Facebook and the even worse Twitter responsible.

Finally, today, I posted a response to a news article about how the Czech PM is offering branded athletic shoes to people who vaccinate. I posted a comment that it wasn’t a fair swap in return for my future ill health likely as a result of an untested, experimental gene therapy. The FB bots called this ‘hate speech’ and put me in jail for 48 hours.

That is my hate speech comment above.

And that is the final straw. Goodbye Facebook. I hope your stupid platform gets broken up by the Governments of the world because this company has too much power and it abuses my privacy and freedom of speech.

I am looking at alternate platforms and in the next few days I will send out a last message via messenger to all ‘friends’ telling them how to find me, to check this article and to do the same….

If you do wish to communicate with me I am on MeWe and Telegram.

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  1. And now the Biden administration is partnering the Goole and Facebook and Twitter to erase any messaging that does not agree with the administration’s point of view. Venezuela, North Korea, China, Cuba anyone?

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