Join Me Exploring the Magical Side of Czechia?

For the last couple of years, I have been exploring the magical and esoteric side of Czechia. It started with the idea of ‘connecting with the land’ after doing exactly that on a long weekend back in the UK with a couple of friends. I soon found evidence of Templars within 50km of where I lived as well as a Slavic shaman who left evidence of his activities all around the neighbourhood. Pretty soon, I was getting out into the land looking for churches, castles, and the magic of the land itself.

The magic of the land is difficult to describe yet easy. It is that quality reflected within yourself that can be found in nature. The peace, quiet, and awe. It is the realisation that nature is magical and that our ancestors maybe knew much more about it than we do – at least in an esoteric and spiritual sense.

Somewhere along the line, I started dowsing and discovered energy lines and the Slavic archeology in the area that I live. Pretty soon, I was mapping energy lines across the city and the region. This activity in of itself has a mysterious and magical effect – synchronicities abound, places suddenly are connected and can be related to life. I got into the Slavic deities and their religion – both pagan and christian.

A whole other world opened up for me. At first, I shared it through blogging. Then I wrote a series of books about it and now, I am making short videos about it. Then, I started an informal group to try to share with and encourage others to see this new and magical world that I see at

If you enjoy short and informative youtube-type videos, can I ask you to stop by my channel and perhaps subscribe? You will find it here. You will find videos about mapping earth energies, exploring the landscape for ancient deserts, mud volcanoes and much much more. The book series is called The magic of the land series and it can be found here. The books are both Kindle and paperback formats.