Has It Always Been About Control?

I sit here wondering why I am being literally forced to get a jab with a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t stop me getting or spreading a virus that 99.9% of all people who get it survive and for which I need to be tested to know I have it.

None of it makes sense. Everything we have been told by WHO and Governments has been ratcheted for maximum fear value. The advice given is deliberately aimed at reducing your natural immunity – hand washing, mask wearing, no advice on supplements, fear and worry to increase stress and isolation to raise stress. As I have said before, it is as if the want you to get sick.

In the UK, they even went with a campaign in which you were to imagine you had COVID. Ask any top athlete how they prepare psychologically for a race and they will tell you – they imagine winning it. Ask anyone into The Secret what it is and they will tell you it is imagining you have what you have. I view this campaign as a deliberate attempt to get people to infect themselves through use of psycho-magical techniques long know to be effective.

The lockdowns are destroying small business and making people more reliant on the state. The billionaires get richer while we all get poor. They take rides to space for fun while we forego our holiday.

And now the Governments act in concerted fashion to introduce the COVID passport. The thing we were told 6-months ago was a conspiracy theory! Why?

Proving I had a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t stop me getting or spreading COVID achieves exactly what? Nothing I suggest.

But it ensures that they have us under control. Combine that with out mobile phones and electronic cash in the form of cards and we are surveilled and tracked and followed… and later, denied access to places if we don’t ‘behave’ the way they want. It is the Chinese social credit system.

Maybe. Just maybe. That is what this entire farce and fiction of a pandemic was about in the first place.

Let’s also face facts that COVID does appear to be man-made. It begins to look like the Americans funded it in a Chinese lab. Maybe, this was the plan all along.

After all if the conspiracy theory that was COVID passports is now real…….