I’ve Done it!

This morning, I activated delete on my other Facebook account. As of now, I am no long on Facebook personally or professionally. It can no longer tell me what to think, track me and my friends nor sell my data. It can no longer place advertisements all over my profile that I have no interest in. I am FREE! Honestly, it feels good. Next, I am deleting my Whatsapp – which is also Facebook owned. I have moved to Telegram instead and WeMe. If you want to, you can find me there.

I have also made a few other decisions. Since I feel like our devices are now being used against us, I shall leave my phone at home if I do not need it and, I shall use cash instead of my debit card as often as I can. I’d like to go back to a normal non-smart phone but my device is my camera, video taker, dowsing point recorder and much more. Instead, I will carefully also get rid of location services for all apps that do not really need them.

I feel very frustrated and have done for many years about how science is being turned into a religion and how the politicians are abusing it to push an agenda. I see I am not alone. But the vast majority of people are like zombies pushed and pulled by whatever direction MSM and politicians deem they need to go. They are incapable of waking up. In fact, they have no desire to wake up. It’s all really depressing.

But, I have discovered that getting out into nature, dowsing and so on is my connection to a different, vibrant and spiritual world. That is where I shall put my efforts as perhaps a few others will find what I have found and break free from this descent into hell envisaged by the World Economic Forum and their cronies.