Free Speech Is Being Killed

Youtube continues to ban and remove any channel that offers alternative viewpoints and/or mentions Ivermectin – a proven and safe COVID-19 prophylactic and treatment (many peer reviewed papers published now). Any channel mentioning protests or highlighting Biden’s progressive descent into full fledge dementia are also removed. The censorship in western media now ranks alongside that of China. Our freedoms and our voices are being removed by the techno elite and Biden’s Borg.

I left Facebook and may leave youtube too as a result of this suppression of free speech. I also not do not read the media at all including Reuters which has become the Voice of the Borg in the last 18-months.

There can be little doubt that the vaccines are very dangerous. If they weren’t there would be no need to censor criticism of them would there? I suspect they want to make these ‘vaccines’ mandatory and force us all into destroying our natural immunity and falling victim to the blood clotting nature of the spike protein.

The world is insane. The agenda is now obvious. The narrative is everywhere. It is 1984 in 2021.

Resist and fight back.. subscribe to alternative news on other platforms. Share the alternative news via email and text. Walk away from youtube, Facebook, Google and so on…..

But most of all, smile and be happy. They think they can win. But they can’t and they won’t. The human spirit is unquenchable and human freedom is our natural mode of life.