Did You Know You Were an Evil Far Right Winger?

As Biden’s Borg march relentlessly on Paypal is now also impacted. It has teamed with the far left hate group – the anti-defamation League – to identify far right use of the paypal platform and eradicate it. Now, you probably think well, good for them and I am not far right.

Yes – that is what I thought too. I’m neither right nor left wing. I detest politics and politicians. I detest agendas and narratives though and I am NOT in favour of the ridiculous censorship being perpetrated by the Biden Borg and that extends to use of platforms like paypal. Who they define as right wing and far right wing is probably more than 50% of the population! Meanwhile, the vile hatred, racism and plain utter stupidity promulgated by the left is just fine.

If you show an ability to use common sense

If you question the narrative and agenda

If you can think critically and for your self

If you believe in the responsibility of the individual

Or value individual liberties

Then you are what the Borg define as far right wing.

Make no mistake about it. This is a war on ordinary people like you and me.


Quit using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Paypal now.

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