Has Anyone Noticed?

Why is it that the UK and US Governments (well, many others too), are trying to force vaccination on their citizens with an experimental, emergency use ‘vaccine’ threatening to make it mandatory and to create a second class of citizens in the process. They even go after the kids who really do not require vaccination against COVID at all. Meanwhile, a constant stream of illegal immigrants are whisked away to hotels, given board and treated like honoured guests and not one of them is vaccinated at all? Can no one else see the ridiculousness of this? It is absolutely the kind of nonsensical and agenda-motivated idiocy we have all become used to and apparently simply accept without a murmur….. Meanwhile, those who have contributed to their society are treated with contempt.

These politicians were elected by you and are accountable to you (not me – I refuse to vote). Isn’t it time you kicked them out?

Really, it is all lies and lies and lies….. about climate, COVID, immigration – everything.

I believe nothing and prefer to rely on my own intuition, judgement and analysis.

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