Sometimes I feel quite fearful about what is going on the world. I also often feel quite alone with the chilling fear of what seems to be happening and that people around me are either oblivious to or even support.

Has anyone noticed that US inflation is heading up and fast? Almost 6% and increasing. It’s not just in the US but certainly, the fact that the Government has printed 40% of all dollars ever in the last 12-months to me threatens that inflation is set to explode.

In recent days, the non-elected head of a Government created quango – the CDC- usurped her position, mandate and authority. The Supreme Court ruled her actions unconstitutional. The Biden administration basically announced it would ignore the Supreme Court. The GOP sat on its thumbs and did nothing. The US Government now acts unlawfully and no one challenges it. What’s next – rewriting the constitution? Certainly, thats what happened in 1948 in Czechoslovakia to usher in a totalitarian regime.

And in the same time frame, a hack of a ‘scientist’ published a paper suggesting that those who attack science and scientists (like Dr. Fauci) should be charged with hate speech! The paper is interesting to read as he argues for the very imposition of totalitarianism and ending of free speech he suggests he is defending. But this is how the politicisation of science and the scientific method has made things – up is down and right is left. We are bombarded with narratives not science on everything from COVID to climate – all of it challengeable as it should be according to the method of science.

The imposition of COVID passports to do anything creating two groups in society. How long before the minority group is told it must identify it (with gold stars perhaps?) and there are already calls for green zones where the unvaxxed should live in isolation…. might those areas have signs above them offering opinions about the value of work?

Yet in countries like the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia, where these trends appear to be the worst, there is no opposition and whatever the party in charge, they pursue the same agenda supported by a cowed media now under threat of jail time for publishing stories embarrassing to the Government. When there is no opposition and the narrative from all parties is the same how is there democracy at work?

One last item, the climate push is on full scale whatever the consequences. Lithium is the metal needed for batteries and if by 2030 30% of all vehicles are to be EVs we will need some 2.5m tons of the stuff. Given that global production was 85,000 tons in 2018 and that not much has changed, a 1m ton shortfall is projected. No one seems to care but can you imagine what that will do to the price of Lithium? And to the price of the EV? I imagine that most will not be able to afford one. The future is you will have nothing and be happy. I can see how we will have nothing – I just can’t yet figure out how we will be happy about it?

It’s like reading 1984. Chilling.

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  1. I dunno either but I too have felt all my life that the end of my days would be spent under challenging conditions yet spiritually enlightening ones. I have often felt this and have had odd and unexpected interactions with others who said they needed to tell me this. We will see. I’m actively involved in mapping earth energies across Czechia and these have opened up a whole new realm spiritually for me – see if interested…. stay safe and well and thank you for visiting.

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  2. I hear you. We have our provincial election here in Nova Scotia in a few weeks. I feel it is a waste of time to vote. We’ll get the same nonsense whoever gets in. While I’ve always felt like an outsider looking in on society, I believed society was somewhat stable. I no longer think it is. I’m more of an outsider than before. I am baffled by so many people willing to give up their freedom for safety. All in the name of safety. It’s sickening. In rural areas, most people are still sane. I couldn’t imagine living in a city.

    I suppose if I believe what I think is coming down the pipes, we won’t have long to suffer under the government’s boot. Within four years, a CMT from the sun large enough to destroy the electric grid will strike us and wipe out the world as we know it. It will be the Carrington Event all over again but this time, we have much more to lose. Then in the early 30s, the poles will shift and change life even further. I’d rather battle the elements than evil government.

    Whatever is the future, I feel I’m meant to survive the challenge. All my life, I’ve known there was something, and I knew it would be big, life altering. Something never experienced before.


  3. I’m seeing more and more pushback here. Hoping for some real changes with school board, state and local elections soon and also in 2022. Fauci is a bankrupt human being – there is solid evidence that he gave NIH money to China for research in the Wuham lab and other nasty research at NIH (using dogs when the research didn’t need to be done).


  4. The good thing is that you’re not alone in your concerns. The bad thing is that there’s been so little pushback, like you said. We really are moving into the 1984 scenario. If there’s a solution, I haven’t found it yet. Stay strong, know that you’re not wrong in your observations.


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