By Now Surely You’ll Know There is No Climate Emergency

Its climate silly season as the IPCC is trying to get you all on side for its latest meeting. Pseudo scientists and current climate Czar, Michael Mann, is of course, leading that noise making. But how many times and for how long will these ridiculous countdowns be used to try to scare people into abandoning what they own and the life they lead for the you will have nothing and be happy state we are told we need? It’s like the fairy tale where the boy cries wolf so many times that when he really is about to be eaten, no one bothers to help.

Literally, this has been going on for decades. Yet here we are with almost 20-years of NO warming behind us and a colder winter than in a long time this last winter, still being asked to panic and froth about 400ppm or so of life giving CO2. Meanwhile, finally, scientists are beginning to wake up and realise that science is in trouble from being politicised and ‘owned’ by Czars like Fauci and Mann who control to a large degree funding and messaging. If you think I am talking garbage then I invite you to dig beyond the hysterics of the BBC and CNN and read articles like this one.

The demonization of CO2 is one of those things that puzzles me no end. As a Geologist, I am only too aware that the supposed causal relationship between CO2 and temperature doesn’t exist. In the geologic past, CO2 was 1000ppm, 2000ppm and more and yet temperatures were not raging! There were ice ages during these times in fact. Meanwhile, even politicized NASA admits that the world is greening and we can feed more people all because we have more CO2. It is after all – plant food. But the demonization continues as a part of a political narrative that goes so far as to suggest blocking out the Sun! That will kill off a load of us for sure. Indeed, we have recently had a minimum of atmospheric CO2 that, had the decline continued, would have killed the planet by suffocating the plants. The breathe CO2 and exhale O2.

Meanwhile, solar cycles are being defined by other scientists and no end of articles actually get peer reviewed and published pointing out the fact that actually, the Sun drives climate by and large – like this one in Nature. Of course, the authors have to be very careful and leave some vagueness and wiggle room otherwise they wouldn’t get published at all. Humanity does impact local weather and climate of course. By chopping down forests and building concrete jungles and other such exploits, we do change things but no one is really focused on this – its all about evil CO2 – the gas we breathe out at around 50-60,000ppm per breath. We also impact the planet and climate by making plans like one German region, to chop down forests and build wind farms instead! Sheer idiocy that only humans without brains could come up with.

We live in a world of make believe these days. Where politicians and mainstream media direct the narrative aided by big tech. Try googling for balanced articles on climate and you will need to really dig. That is deliberate. Wikipedia has been taken over by the narrative and is basically a load of bollox from start to finish – even the founder says so. So, rest assured. There is no emergency. The climate is evolving, shifting and changing like it always has and always will and there is not much we puny humans can do excpet what we always did – adapt.

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  1. I completely agree. Now we are reading that the northern part of the US is going to succumb to the heat of climate change and be underwater while at the same time there is chatter out there that the currents in the Atlantic are changing and the northeastern US is going to freeze. Nuts! all of it…


  2. It is quite mind boggling (and entertaining) that the public accepts the moon, which is smaller than Earth, to affect our weather, but they can’t fathom the idea that the sun, much larger than us, does not. The average individual is so disconnected from nature and Mother Earth’s seasons, they believe all their masters tell them. If they weren’t trying to enslave me, I’d laugh louder.

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  3. There is a lot more I could say on this topic. Like for example, if this is about greenhouse gasses then the largest one by miles is water vapour. Indeed, a rather wonderful paper made it through to get published in Nature by some scientists at CERN. They concluded that almost all the ‘greenhouse’ effect came from clouds not CO2. Needless to say, you won’t find many references to this paper as it busted the narrative.

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