Now, I Have Seen Everything

I’m going to restrain myself a little because I do not wish to offend anyone – too much! That the US is now ran by lunatics is beyond doubt after the latest performance. Let me give it to you in soundbites…

US Oil and Gas industry BAD

US Oil & Gas Industry Execs – CRIMINALS

OPEC – Good – but MUST produce more oil and gas why?

High Gas prices bad for votes.

Translation. It’s better to put US dollars in the pockets of petty tyrants and non-democracies than in jobs for Americans.

Now I have see it all.

Biden out. He plainly has lost his mental ability as this is a destroy America and support our enemies strategy. And CO2 from US oil is the same as CO2 from Saudi oil – if you really believe that drives climate.

Meanwhile, did anyone in the mainstream media even remotely question this suicidal policy. Nah – they also want to destroy the country.

4 thoughts on “Now, I Have Seen Everything

  1. You have to look at it from their perspective. They want to destroy US industries and their independence, and buying oil from horrible dictators does that. Where’s the problem? Our Canadian government wants to do the same thing. It’s not like they’re looking out for Canadians. The twat in Ottawa has proven that many times in the past six years. I was told that if you can’t figure out why they are doing something, look at the end result. That will tell you. Destruction of the American way of life is the why.


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