Camping in Bohemia

So, my quietness this last week was due to me taking a holiday with my daughter camping in Bohemia. I’d like to say we had great weather but it was truthfully quite mixed. It didn’t stop us having a good time though! We ended up by Liberec in the north of Czechia and under the watch of the mountain of Ještêd. which stands out die to the fact it has a hotel and restaurant built on top of it.

The area is largely made up of the sandstones that make the entire area so beautiful. These tend to weather out into columns and pillars of great beauty. In some instances, the sandstone pinnacles have been carved into villages, homes and even a Castle or two. Poking through the sandstone are relatively recent volcanics that form sharp-sided hills or schists and Gneisses that also form the highlands of the border with Poland and Germany. In short, the region is incredibly beautiful and full of little surprises.

I will be posting some videos of hikes and so on over the next few weeks. But when you get off the road and onto the footpaths, you discover the true countryside. I do so love the Czech forests and mountains. There is a natural energy to be found there particularly where natural springs and small rivers with waterfalls occur. It was at one of these that we chanced upon a ritual taking place with a large group of women. From what I saw, it was some form of initiation ritual conducted by bathing in the waterfall to the sound of beating drums. I retreated discretely and sat meditating to the drumbeat and afterwards spoke with a few of the ladies who had engaged in the ritual. It had a definite impact on my psyche and I suspect perhaps even some significance to me that will yet show itself being about the feminine side of nature, earth and water energies and renewal.

Here a a selection of pics….

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