Narratives Result in Tragedy

Everywhere there is narrative – the media, politicians, social media. The narrative is now inescapable. Everything is now politicised.

Narrative is a view of the world that is created and spread. This particular narrative has been spread by the left and in particular post modernists. It is one in which all must subscribe to the narrative or face destruction – cancellation or whatever you wish to call it – it is destruction really. It is a way of seeing the world that is built on theory and the idea of clashes between groups of people. Frankly, it is total bull and very dangerous.

When the narrative doesn’t allow questioning. When the narrative substitutes theory for fact, opinion for science, and deliberately ignores the obvious when it is inconvenient (like no warming in 20-years, like the vaccines don’t work and have horrendous side effects for some, like the Swedish approach seems to have been a more effective approach to dealing with COVID than the lockdowns, like you do not leave Afghanistan without getting the people and assets out first, like Ivermectin is an established cheap and safe prophylactic for COVID and so on). When we reach the stage that people are invited to dehumanize and hate others because they do not conform to the narrative – yes, there are people who would happily kill unvaxxed humans despite the facts – self evident facts that the vaccine doesn’t work and anyway, the purpose of a vaccine is to protect oneself not those around you. The narrative that proposes blocking out the Sun and no one says – WTF!? Are you nuts?

It all reminds me of the fairytale where the King is convinced he has bought a spectacular set of new clothes. No one dare tell him otherwise – no one can go against the narrative even though it is self evidently and patently obviously wrong. For some reason, all are blind or willing to play along. That is until the little boy who is too young and innocent to have been tainted by the narrative, says hey – that man is naked…. then and only then, people wake up to the realisation that they were all being silly.

Building a narrative that is plainly not based on common sense nor critical thought is silly. Some of us see that the King has no clothes and some of us dare to say so. But rather than wake the narrative-induced sheep up, it simply aggravates them into dehumanised behaviour which they now justify as warranted – they bay for my blood and my head on a stick instead.

But when humanity believes in something false and untrue, it runs the risk of making very big yet easy to avoid mistakes that result in mass tragedy. The Afghanistan situation is one example, I hope the push for vaccination doesn’t prove to be another. And, the last time the Sun got blocked – more than 80% of all species on the planet went extinct.

Time to wake up and think. And no, this isn’t a duality – the fact I think Biden an idiot doesn’t mean I think Trump is wonderful – that is the narrative at play in your head. I think they are both idiots.

2 thoughts on “Narratives Result in Tragedy

  1. I often think this world is only on the Internet. When I’m with family and friends, this nonsense rarely comes up. We go about our business as if the government and its media don’t exist. I wonder, if the Internet and all news ended tomorrow, in a few weeks, would we all be back to normal?

    While I would miss the Internet for research, publishing my books and meeting folks like you, I’d give it up to return to the 1980s’ world.


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