2 thoughts on “Words Well Spoken

  1. I’ve told my children that those born since the 2nd World War have lived in peace in Canada. We were lucky. They (my children) won’t be as fortunate. They will see war in their lifetime.

    The past five years have taught me to question everything on the news and from the government. While people blast Biden for what has happened, I feel Biden and his administration are not surprised — things are happening according to their plan. In fact, I feel the chaos is more than they expected, and they are loving it. To think this is not what they wanted is silly. Only an idiot (or as one Scottish reporter stated: the US president is a retard) would pull troops out of Afghanistan like Biden did. They should have consulted with a five-year-old because the kid would have done better.

    As for “we are not Afghanistan’, we could be in 20 years. And that’s the real scary part. I tell my kids to live now. Live every day. The future is not guaranteed.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve listened to Oliver before. He has a good head on his shoulders.


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