Order and Chaos

Anyone with a degree of magical training will be familiar with the idea of order and chaos. Today, as I meditated and questioned what on Earth is going on in the increasingly crazy world, this is what came into my mind. Order and Chaos. There is a constant stress between these two dichotomies and I feel that at the moment, the forces of chaos have the upper hand. From my perspective, I view the forces of chaos as destructive and malignant – black magic if you wish but in truth, the two are both part of the whole and play a role in spiritual evolution. You cannot have the concept of order without chaos and vice versa.

This meditational germ was actually as a result of an email from a friend a week or so ago who pointed out that consideration of the Lovers and Death tarot cards might be relevant during this time. In fact, I had done a bit of work on these two cards years ago and talk about it at length in my book – Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul. Let me quote some of it….

One particular card that I meditated on was ‘The Lovers’. The Lovers card
shows a male and a female with an Angel above them. The male looks to the
female who, in turn, looks up at the Angel. For me, the man represents the
normal waking self – the conscious person, and the female represents the
inner or subconscious self. The Angel is the higher self. So what is revealed
by this card is that the inner self is actually a pathway to the higher self. The
card shows in occult (hidden) terms that the conscious self must look to the
subconscious self to experience a connection with the Divine higher self –
the one thing that is all. Fundamentally, the card also speaks to the important
concept of polarity because it shows two polar opposites as male and female
(ying and yang, inner and outer, and so on). It also shows a triangular
relationship known as the ‘law of the triangle’ where the two polar or
opposite points, when brought into harmony or equilibrium, result in a third
point – the tip of the triangle, in this instance, the Angel. Just as a man and a
woman, through an act of loving harmony create a child, the right
relationship between the inner and outer selves serves to create a channel to
the higher self.

To understand the meaning of this card further, consider another Tarot card.
‘The Devil’. In this card we see a similar arrangement with a male and a
female character along the base of the triangular relationship but the Devil
takes the place of the Angel of the Lovers card. Looking more closely at the
Devil card, it is apparent that, firstly the male and female figures look in
opposite direction; inferring that the conscious and subconscious aspects of
the person are out of synchronisation. In fact they are chained to a block of
stone on which the Devil perches. The male and the female are not tightly
chained. The chains are loose and either of the two people depicted could
easily escape if they really wanted to. The stone block between the two
figures only serves to reinforce the idea that they are separated by some gulf
or barrier. Above them ominously sits Satan himself as the King of
ignorance. While the Lovers card shows the result of a correct relationship
between the conscious and subconscious mind, the Devil card shows what
happens when that relationship is blocked. Not only is contact with the
higher self, or God, lost but it is replaced by ignorance.

There is something critical being explained to us through the arcane wisdom
of these two Tarot cards. For the vast majority of people “sleeping” through
life captivated by materialistic shiny things, or indeed, materialistic religious
ideals, the connection with the higher self can be lost. The focus of that
person is all external-focused on the world of illusions and ignorance.
However, a correct relationship between the outer and inner selves brings a
connection with the higher self, God, or the Holy Guardian Angel, depending
on your preferred terminology

I wrote this almost 20-years ago and now I reread it and it does offer a spiritual explanation of what is going on in our world. The vast majority of people are caught in a fear-induced trance in which the narrative is all. They were taken there by black magic techniques including mask mandates, isolation, constant fear-mongering and being asked to imagine they have it (and much much more). We live in a world in which some group of people or person has deliberately or accidentally (driven by outside forces perhaps?) managed to create a massive hypnosis environment. At every turn, we are subjected to this narrative consciously and subconsciously. Without the training and the will to see it for what it is, without the world view that magical study and meditation evolves in a person, most soon succumb to its hypnotic and suggestive nature acting and reacting as chaotic forces. The more chaos the better as this drives more fear and more calls to be helped by those not strong enough within themselves to know that only the acceptance of self-responsibility and love can help you find a way back to order. I believe we are witnessing the development of the Devil card arrangement in people by deliberate wilful intent. The forces of chaos arise.

I suggest that a way out of this situation is to close yourself off from the media and social media, get into nature and meditate expressing your love for the world and its people and asking the management to help restore the balance. It is also the concept of taking responsibility for yourself that is key here. Working on your inner to restore the balance within yourself – to adopt the Angelic pose yourself.

The microcosm is the reflection of the macrocosm and vice versa. Healing and balance begins with you – the individual.

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