Chaos to Bring Order?

The forces of chaos seem to be running rampant in the world and many appear to have bought into the narrative of lies spread by mainstream media, politicians and whoever is creating and spreading these falsehoods. It manifests as up is down, left is right and increasingly psychopathic behaviour. There are people who would never accept fascism and yet they now behave like fascists and cannot see that they are – indeed, they call themselves anti-fascists. Deluded. They are now quite prepared to line people up and have them shot or deprive them of their jobs and life just because they do not share the delusion that the vaccines work and Ivermectin doesn’t (despite much peer-reviewed published science to support both of those assertions in a normal world). They demand an end to fossil fuels in a bid to stop CO2 warming the planet (despite the fact that there are hundreds of peer reviewed papers showing that CO2 has little or no impact at all on temperatures and a 20-year pause in warming). This madness is endless and goes as far as people creating fantasy worlds around who or what they are and then forcing others to join their delusions or calling them names like racist etc. if they won’t accept their psycho fantasies..

This morning as I pondered all of this and the ideas I discussed recently in the Tarot cards – Lovers and Devil – it struck me that the future is gloomy. It struck me that the only way this delusion will be ended is by the chaos it will bring. It will only be when people start to really suffer that they will finally wake up to the realisation they have been lied to. I really hope that isn’t the truth but I begin to suspect that it is. When the woke and ridiculous narratives end in a disasterous result(s) and people suffer, there will be an awakening. So, I suggest to those of us who remain non-zombified – hunker down, be loving and patient. Seek nature and be creative in your expression of self. I think eventually this will pass but it will take major calamities to wake the majority up. We begin to see them now in Afghanistan, the failure of the vaccines and the growing awareness of the side effects, the beginning of the solar minimum is already impacting the weather with first snow in Austria as an example on the 29th August, and so on. The mainstream media can’t suppress the truth forever.

I also think there is a time element to some of the mass hypnosis and black magic being used on us. Mask wearing being an example. Despite what MSM tells you, the scientific literature on masks is long, voluminous and easy to find. Even Fauci is an author of one or more of this vast collection of evidence that says masks are relatively ineffective. Now, I will also say that truth is neither black now white but somewhere in the middle. Masks of course can be effective in stopping the effects of someone’s sneezing etc., but in general, wearing a mask outdoors is simply ridiculous and possibly worse, designed to reduce your immunity. However, I digress. The fact is that psychologically mask wearing suggests things like;

  • Danger and fear – there is a dangerous situation and we need to be fearful and scared,
  • They dehumanize us as they remove the face and so make it easier to treat others in a less than human way,
  • They also cover the mouth suggesting no speech or suppression of speech.

This is the purpose of mask wearing currently – it is a dressing up and acting out ritual proposed and enforced on you to make you fearful, to dehumanize and get you used to the idea of the loss of your speech and your rights. Those that willingly and enthusiastically wear masks show themselves to be suggestible and easily manipulated while those that don’t can be identified and dealt with. I believe the use of magic is implicit in masks and many of the other things we have seen recently.

But, as time goes on, people begin to question the mask wearing. They begin to disobey. They also get used to masks and their magical or psychological effect is diminished unless it has already been built on in the form of suggestions to identify and eventually discriminate against non-vaxxed and others in society that don’t heed the narrative.

Question everything.

The only person you can trust and believe in is yourself. So think critically. Use your sense. Do your own research.

Almost everything you think you know is a lie. A narrative. And it is designed to have you behave in a certain way. The only way to break free of this is to become a maverick. Ignore the news, get in tune with yourself and nature, think critically and assert your rights.