Bullshit Consensus Argument

You know, if like someone on Twitter yesterday, your come back to me on climate is some bullshit about 97% and consensus, I’m just not going to bother arguing with you as it simply tells me that you don’t have the knowledge to form an opinion and certainly not to debate with me – a PhD geologist with peer reviewed publications and a thesis that in part was about paleoclimate. Now you may think that rude of me but seriously if you think science is about consensus or that the 97% number has any factual reality well, best I just leave your little fantasy intact I think.

I mean notwithstanding the fact that science is based on dissent, isn’t about belief or a democracy, do you really think that after debating and studying climate for 40-years, I haven’t heard this bullshit before? Do you really think I’m going to say – Oh boy! Never thought of that before, you are totally correct? If you do think that, you live in a fantasy world and again, I’m not interested in debating someone with the intellect of a rabbit and a knowledge of science gleaned from the a cursory story by the BBC or CNN.

Again, if I sound rude or intolerant, I am. This is the worst of the bullshit narrative and it simply amazes me that people not only accept it without question but really think it is the killer argument. It’s right up there with ahhhh, but you used to work for BP as a nonsense argument that has no bearing whatsoever on the facts behind the climate pseudoscience pushed ad nauseam these days.

If you are interested in a debate. I am happy to send you paper after paper and fact after fact demonstrating that the climate change hypothesis is deeply flawed and political narrative, not science.

Thank you.

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