Polarity, paths and the Modern World

In studying magic, polarity has always intrigued me. This is things like black and white, male and female, light and dark, rich and poor and so on. In my meditation sessions on the hexagram, I realised there are in fact three different polarities and I wrote about them in that book as follows,

In fact, implicit in the hexagram are three different directions of polarity,

  • The first is the vertical polarity represented by the uppermost and lowermost tips of the symbol. This polarity is representative of the Above and the Below, God and Man, Fire and Water, etc. upon which we have already touched;
  • The second is horizontal polarity represented by the leftmost and rightmost points on the hexagram symbolizing the positive and negative qualities or aspects of the Elements such as constructive and destructive or other opposite qualities such as birth and death, black and white, and so on.
  • There is also a third dimensional polarity that we term the ‘in-out’ or active polarity. It is represented only when the hexagram can be seen in 3-D but it symbolizes action in motion such as push-pull or attract-repel.

Each of these polarities is important in magic. In reconciling horizontal polarities we can apply the law of the triangle. All this means is that between two extremes is a reconciling point or force. As an easy example, consider ‘man’ and ‘woman’ as polar opposites and the third point as ‘child’ or, consider ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ as the polar opposites and ‘orange’ as the reconciling point.

Right so where am I going?

Today, we see a lot of polarity in viewpoints. The media, politicians and so on seem intent to polarise as much as possible and then try to encourage one polar group to turn on the other. Unfortunately, the gulf between these polar opposites are increasing and not only that but the perception is increasingly if you aren’t one then you are automatically the other. As an example, people think that if you are critical of Biden then you are a Trump supporter. But, what happened to the middle ground – the reconciliation? That is where the magic is isn’t it? Where the two polar opposites become reconciled. Have you noticed how the media etc. actively discourages this reconciliation? Why?

I could also go on to argue that these same forces and narratives are actively trying to break down vertical polarity in the same way. They try to make Man God by removing the divine and deity. They deny the existence of the above and instead materialise everything. They destroy the family unit and so on. Why?

If you polarise horizontally and depolarise vertically what is the effect? If there is no reconciliation of opposites and there is no other reality than this material plane, what is left? I would propose Hell. Eternal conflict and decisions based on instant gratification.

It maybe that this entire theme is a bit convoluted for most but I see polarity and the three polarities as key forces or constructs in magic. By removing them via narrative you distort reality and you create a chaotic hell of no hope.

My guide told me that Love is Acceptance. I wrote essays on that already. One is included in the Hexagram book. Acceptance allows reconciliation. Reconciliation is a magical force of much power and it allows something static to evolve. Acceptance isn’t giving in or joining in but rather, as I stated in the book,

If I know myself then I recognize my ego for what it truly is and I place it to one side and tell it that I, the real me, I am in charge here! If I can learn to accept myself through self-knowing and coming to terms with who, and what I really am then I learn to love myself. In learning to love myself I am able to love others through acceptance of what they are and where they are at in their own journey. Acceptance is a process of letting go and as we let go we no longer feel the need to struggle. We forgive ourselves and we forgive others and we learn how to truly love. It is only when we truly know and love ourselves that we really gain the right and ability to guide others knowing how to help and correct without damaging that person’s self-worth and progress. Otherwise, any act may be based on something less than love; it may be based on our distorted perspective of ourselves.

Acceptance has us look inside ourselves for answers and reconciliation. That is what I am doing now and each day going forward to try to figure out what to do, how to act and to be. In that process, I also came to an extra bit of realisation and that is, sometimes I am left only with the option to withdraw and accept that some people cannot be helped. That they will need to learn their lesson themselves and there is nothing I can do to avert their pain. As I said yesterday in my blog article, people who have been sickened by the narrative and now are no longer capable of critical thought but simply repeat the same meaningless narrative may in the end simply be allowed to discover what that means for them in order to awaken. So, reluctantly, I remove them from my life and pray they will one day awaken again.

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