The One-Size Fits All World

I made an appointment 6-weeks ago to see the senior doctor at my clinic. The purpose was, I wanted to get an experts view of COVID and vaccines etc. as opposed to the clueless mainstream media or even more clueless baying mob of narrative zombies. What he told me won’t make those groups very happy at all but I will somewhat keep that information to myself as that conversation enjoyed Doctor-Patient confidentiality. He did say something though that pricked up my ears. It was this.

We give a vaccine that was designed for 80+ patients and therefore made strong to everyone and this is inappropriate. Its a one size fits all vaccine.

Actually, it is becoming a one size fit all world.

He also outlined the sheer lunacy of how different countries in the same region dealt with things. For example, in his opinion, those who have had COVID don’t need a vaccination at all. They have better immunity than the vaccine can deliver naturally. This information has only recently been publicised via a paper in a medical journal but he told me this has been known in the medical community for well over 18-months already. The narrative you see pushes one version of the truth – it’s a one size fits all world.

The people who are most damaged by the vaccines are often those who have had COVID or who have been forced by the bureaucracy to effectively double vaccinate – you know Russians who had Sputnik but to enter the EU need to have an EU approved one instead and vice versa…. In Austria, if you had COVID, no vaccine required. In Germany, if you had COVID only one shot is enough. Meanwhile in Czechia who cares if you had COVID you will vaccinate and twice. One size fits all but different size per region.

The vaccines are relatively harmless (at least in the short-term) to about 80% of the people taking them. The other 20% endure side effects including death. This is not misinformation or anti-vaxx propaganda – its FACT. But we can’t tell who is in that 20% in a one size fits all world can we? Its as if no one cares to be honest. And watching the current US President callously make statements about life and death, perhaps it’s a catchy thing this ‘couldn’t care less you will do as you are told’ value set?

Meanwhile, medical professional take an oath. It’s an important oath and yet many today are breaking that oath. Those that do should be banned from practise.

The problem with left-wing thinking is that the individual is devalued in favour of the group. Left wingers have a tendency to make it a one size fits all world. Combine that with a little bit of totalitarianism/fascism (remember, the Nazis WERE SOCIALISTS) and life on this planet goes to hell in a hand basket. Decisions get made that cause death, destruction and worse to sections of the populace and no one cares.

It isn’t a one-sized fits world. It never was. It is about the individuals that make up a group and not the group. Every man, woman and child is precious. The politicians need to wake up and start realising that their approach is killing people. And not just in terms of vaccination.

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  1. There are times I think politicians know exactly what they’re doing and the outcome it brings. But most of the time, I’m optimist and believe eventually reality will strike and everything will be good again.


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