More Energy Line Mapping Strangeness

A recent trip dowsing…

Earth Magic Brno

I had always held a belief that one of the energy lines passing through Brno would most certainly pass through Veveři Castle on Brno lake. After all, it is an ancient Castle and surely must be placed on an energy line. Well, to my utter dismay, this is simply untrue. I spent over 90 minutes walking around and around it tonight vainly seeking a line. There were none. Zip, Nada, Nitz. This left me a bit perplexed.

Driving away from the Castle away from Brno and into the country, my plan was to instead work on one of the lines and map it a bit further northwards. I held a stick in my hand driving just in case. About 300m up the road from the Castle, the stick twitched – a bit like a fish giving a nibble! I pulled over and saw that I had just passed a sizeable…

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