Working with Earth Energies

A few days ago, I had written a blog here about working with the ‘rivers of light’ that are the Earth energy lines. I had proposed you simply find an energy line near you and then step into it and meditate on sending love and loving energies down the line. You see, I see these lines as a sort of grid that connects us, the planet and much more. I know that the lines I have mapped in Brno seem to connect places of importance in my own life even including every place I have lived since arriving here as well as the apartment I have purchased but not yet moved in to. It is hard to explain how I feel about these lines but it is plain to me that they are really significant and have an impact on human and planetary consciousness.

Yesterday, I spoke with Rory Duff – a fellow Geologist and pioneer researcher in Earth energy lines and much more. He has classified and studied these lines for many years and I try to use his classification to describe the lines here that I am mapping as his Type 3. After the call, I watched a couple of his excellent videos and gained a better insight into how he sees these lines and into the connection with the Templars. What struck me though was that as I went through his extensive website, I came across a page he called ‘W.H.T.’ On the page, he says…

The World Harmony Trust is a charity that has been set up to help people become aware of the coming spiritual awakening that is happening all around the World and to promote the significance of group prayer and/or meditation at very sacred sites in the World at very sacred times of the year.

I was happy to find him proposing a very similar thing as well. But, he had gone much further and proposes that you try to find the nodes associated with the lines. He also goes into quite a lot of details about what to do as follows;

You should do what you normally do when your pray and meditate. If we all do that, we all connect at a subconscious level. 

If you would like some basic guidance though, please read the following:-

Group meditation begins with:- 

Breathing in Love & then breathing out Love

VIsualise and Feel this energy coming up into your heart and down into your heart at the same time as your breathe in. Then as you breathe out imagine it going out into the World such that you become a conduit for the energy.

It is important to try and be as intensely positive as you can in these four areas Positive expectation, Self Esteem, Peacefulness & Joy

We tend to split the group meditation sessions at the moment into three.

The first is to connect with the energies and to ask if there is anything we need to know or do at that site at that time

The second is to then carry out any commonly agreed instructions that may have come through and to also send huge love out into the World

The third session is for more personal reasons and it can be for sending healing to friends and family for example

There is usually a 5 min gap between these meditation so anyone can share any thoughts or feelings or visions that came through. The aim is to look for shared and common themes so some validation can occur.

The first session is done generally in silence.

When any sound is ever made, it is to generate a frequency by sounding any of the vowels. From what has been learn a higher sound is made by some of the participants is made along with a lower sound from other participants. The frequencies are intuited such that an overtone comes about from these two sounds and it is the resonance from this overtone that seems to aid meditation.

A facilitator at these group meditations is only there to initiate proceedings. The less arranging that is done seems to lead to the right people being there at the right time.

I have already located a number of nodes and vortices here in the Czech Republic and this is exactly the sort of thing I built this site to do. So if anyone is interested in joining me in these activities, do email me.

Rory’s website is well worth a visit and his idea that these sites are essentially ‘grails’ seems to me to be spot on.