A Two-Tier Society

My daughter – who I have to say is a chip off the old block – asked her teacher this week why she had to test for COVID each week while the small number of vaccinated kids did not? Of course, the teacher told her because they were protected. Quick as a flash, she asked him – against what? Certainly not COVID if the numbers from Israel, UK and so on are correct. So, why do they not test? They too can catch it, spread it and get sick. Be quiet was the essence of his response.

I have read a lot about vaccine passports and I wrote many months ago that eventually I expected the vaccinated to turn on the unvaccinated. I expect that we will need to ID ourselves – I propose a gold star in remembrance of the last time something like this occurred – and barred from many ‘privileges’. A two-tier society. Perhaps, in the end, and it already has been proposed, we will be rounded up and put into camps. From there, it’s easy to eliminate us isn’t it? Out of sight, out of mind and all that….

Whether that will occur or not, my daughter observed that it already is a two-tier society. She has to go through hoops each week to prove she is fit to attend school. Others do not. Yet, as she rightly points out, they too can get sick and spread COVID and indeed, already are.

We see this now everywhere. You must and should Vax. We will give you a reward to vax. We will punish you if you don’t.


The vaccines plainly are ineffective. Oh, I have heard people tell me that fewer vaxxed folk are seriously ill. You know, let’s wait for this winter to see how true that is. I suspect it too is a falsehood and the early evidence suggests support for my position. Also – let’s wait 4-5 years and see how these experimental vaccines impact humanity. I hope they don’t but all the evidence I have seen says that they will negatively impact some people down the line. If you dig deeper into the real science, the concerns and signs are already there. If you follow the narrative and believe the political lies you are told is science then you won’t see that until well, it bites your ass.

If something is ineffective, why double down and push it harder? Why are the treatments proven to be effective and to work in the medical journals, not just ignored by the media, politicians and Government paid scientists, but censored? What are they afraid of? That their vax gravy train may be over? Check out how many of these prominent people own shares in companies like Pfizer…. and how many of them comply with the agenda – after all British MPS need not Vax to attend Parliament!

However, it already is a two-tier society. The vaxxed and unvaxxed are treated differently despite the fact there appears to be no substantial difference between their abilities to get sick and spread the virus.

How easily did we get there. And how easy it will be to persuade the narrative zombies to take the next steps?

3 thoughts on “A Two-Tier Society

  1. What – think for yourself? That’s so dangerously right wing isn’t it? It’s all about control I think…. But, I totally agree and no one will stop me thinking for myself.



  2. It looks like booster shots will be necessary for those of us vaccinated. People who are vaccinated are still getting sick, but only mildly so. You must have LOVED President Biden’s mandates in his latest address to the nation.


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