Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

I just watched a video in which a black man had eggs thrown at hime by a white woman wearing a Gorilla mask. One of her ‘friends’ then went on to attack an OAP from behind with a punch. Totally and utterly disgusting behaviour and about as racist as you can get.

But the black man was Larry Elder, a republican so you won’t be hearing any Black Lives Matter narrative from the mainstream media around this issue. For mainstream media and the left wing, racism is exclusively conducted by everyone but them whereas the truth by observation is that it is they who are the racist haters.

Yes – I am forced to use a right wing news outlet as all of the left wing ones cut out the Gorilla mask racist lunatic and the assault of an old man deliberately.

It’s yet another example of the sheer hypocrisy of the left and the media. This video needs to be spread far and wide. People need to see that the left lie, lie and lie.

Now, don’t go thinking I support the right. They too have issues. I hate politics and politicians but Larry Elder is a civilian who has had enough of Democrat narrative led incompetence and stupidity. And so have I. It’s time to call out this woke BS narrative for the hate and stupidity it really is and vote for anyone who is willing to stand up to it.

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