Truth and Lies – Deception and Confrontation

I guess being the sort of person I am, I just cannot fathom how people fall for lies and narrative. Moreover, I cannot even begin to understand how seemingly normal people then will take up the deceptive narrative as a crusade persecuting and attacking others who actually have a better understanding of what is really going on.

Point in case is the narrative in the US about Ivermectin. The mainstream media and left-wing continue to talk about people choosing horse dewormers over the ‘vaccine’. The mainstream media promote this message and their zombie followers jump on twitter and so on repeating the mantra ad nauseam.

This leaves me wondering what is wrong with these people? All they have to do is open their eyes and read a few papers in The Lancet and other medical journals, do a bit of research on Ivermectin, its 30-year history as a safe drug for human use, the fact it is on the WHO list of essential drugs to start to realise – they are being LIED to. Played. Made to look like zombie morons.

Then, perhaps they could extend their reading a bit beyond the usual mainstream liars and narrative pushers and actually find articles in the global media about the success of Ivermectin in Indonesia, India, Czechia and a myriad of other locations on the planet where the emphasis is on treating and healing people as opposed to political BS narratives that allow people to die.

These very same people will often claim science… yet, anyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge looks at them thinking they need psychological help. The science is all around but these people can’t see it because they are narrative zombies.

And please note that Twitter, FB, Youtube and many other social media platforms are complicit in this crime against humanity that denies people life because – politics!

Luckily, I live in a reasonably sane part of the world and should I contract COVID, Ivermectin will quickly be prescribed along with treatments like corticoid steroids and platelets… perhaps living in an ex communist country, the people here have had enough experience with blind political narratives and the subsequent toll of death and destruction?

2 thoughts on “Truth and Lies – Deception and Confrontation

  1. What is most shocking about these times is intelligent people are falling for the lies. Anyone with half a brain can do a 30-second search on the Internet and see that billions of doses of Ivermectin have been administered to humans.


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