Let There be LIGHT

In the beginning was the WORD

The sound of consciousness formatted

It called itself into existence

Or in other words it became aware

And as the light grew, the darkness slunk off to hide from it

It glowered there out with the Sun

And waited for its moment to be done

Gnawing away at the edges of reality

Knowing that Let there be light

Meant the darkness too

It watched at first and recognized

The darkness inside of men

And found its home there

Sounding words inside fertile minds

Tricking and fooling its way

The words became a narrative

And polluted many crystal minds

And wherever it saw light

It moved to darken its sight

Soon chaos reigned

And mankind chained itself

To Satan

Everywhere the light was snuffed

So they could not see

The chains were just an illusion

But dark forgot something important

Without light, there is no dark

And some minds proved resistant

These minds slowly coalesced

And at a critical point – expanded

Into a new awareness shooting

Light out into darkness

And so the cycle began again

Let there be LIGHT

And let us have sight

Shining within the darkness