The Coming Energy Crisis

Yes. The UK, Germany, California and other places are all experiencing energy crises. All for the same reasons – renewables. Get used to high prices, intermittent supply and less choice. That is the brave new green world. And its so needless. There are tons of cheap fossil fuels now being abandoned because well – the supposed climate crisis (fake of course). Even if you believe CO2 drives climate – which most of the science actually suggests it doesn’t (note I talk here about science not the politics of the IPCC and UN etc. and its fake pseudo science), there was always lots that could be done top remove CO2 emissions – from generation, tail pipes and so on. But rather than incremental investment to clean up existing technology (that has had over 100 years of progress), the powers that be have opted to throw all of that away for renewables and batteries. So, when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow…..

But the problem is deeper than this.

Batteries need metals like Lithium and so on. These are in short supply, they are dirty to mine and process. They cause REAL environmental and social issues. But who cares! CO2 is the only focus of the world’s leadership. Razing forests, stealing the entire water supply of local populations and destroying their land isn’t at issue…

We are no where near there yet either – they are not anywhere near done. They want vehicles replaced with EVs, they want gas boilers phased out, they want so much of the current paradigm tossed out and replaced with unproven technologies that frankly, the future looks grim. I suspect, high prices, outages and lack of access to private transport is the future for pretty much all of us.

But hey, its not like that should be a surprise is it? As the leader of the WEF keeps saying – you will have nothing.

Everything is politicized and half-assed. Expertise is not wanted and experts are dismissed as fake or deniers or racists…. I will make a prediction. People will die. But that is seemingly part of the plan too isn’t it?

Meanwhile, people actually support their own demise. Well, you get what you deserve.