Moving from 1 to 10 at the Speed of Light thanks to CNN et al.

10 Stages of Genocide:

1. Classification – People are divided into ‘Us and Them’.

2. Symbolization – People are forced to identify themselves.

3. Discrimination – People begin to face systematic discrimination.

4. Dehumanization – People equated with animals, vermin or diseases.

5. Organization – The government creates special groups (police/military) to enforce the policies.

6. Polarization – The government broadcasts propaganda to turn the populace against the group.

7. Preparation – Official action to remove/relocate people begins.

8. Persecution – Beginning of murders, theft of property, trial massacres.

9. Extermination – Wholesale elimination of the group. It is ‘extermination’ and not murder because the people are not considered human.

10. Denial – The government denies that it has committed any crime.