Episode 2 – Talking with a Dreamwalker in Phoenix the Elder

Episode 2 of The new series of The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast series is a conversation with Phoenix the Elder. In fact, the conversation was so good and went on so long that I split it into two episodes with part 2 out next week. Give it a listen as it gets better and better as the conversation goes on covering all sorts of topics along the way from UFO’s and aliens to astral projection…

“It is both difficult and easy for me to share and explain my journey this lifetime because it was focused on self-healing and real karmic-purifications of three past lives. Everything else I experienced has always filtered through that very core, in a very personal way. Its mystical, magical, weather and elementals of nature’s consciousness opened up slowly over the decades, as the veils dropped before me in my waking (dreaming) life and my night’s dreaming life.” Phoenix the Elder.

And if you enjoy this – some other news! Phoenix the Elder and I will be starting a new podcast series called The Phoenix and The Mystic starting in October! In this, we will explore much deeper some of the topics touched on above and much, much more…. Stay tuned for the launch of this new podcast series.

You can find more from and about Phoenix the Elder at her website – Elder Mountain Dreaming.