Chasing the Goddess Reviewed

Alan Richardson has kindly reviewed my book – Chasing the Goddess. He gave it 5-stars on and I know that he has enjoyed the trilogy of Chasing the Shaman, Chasing Dragons in Moravia and Chasing the Goddess.

Here is what he had to say about the last in the trilogy….

Some years ago Michael Vasey found himself in a state of nothingness and nowhere, seemingly trapped within a country for which he felt nothing, and which seemed as spiritually dead as himself.
It was his teacher of Magic back in England who insisted that he should – must – try to connect with the land.

‘Chasing the Goddess’ is now his third book in ‘The Magic of Connecting with the Land’ series, and the transformation within himself is now profound.In this, he describes his invocation of the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. He finds through this that, much to his surprise and delight, the early Slavs knew all about the Earth energies and how to use them, and that the Slavic hierarchies were quite willing to link with this hitherto lost Brit, and continue their Work through him. There is nothing pretentious about any of his writing. Some days the magic just doesn’t work, no matter how hard he tries; other days. unexpectedly, it all takes fire. And throughout it all the reader (me!) is left thinking: Maybe I should try this!“”

Chasing the Goddess – The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 3

The journey of discovery continues via the invocation of and meditation on the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. The Goddess of winter and death followed by the goddess of spring and fertility. The outer life mimics the inner life through the long COVID-19 lockdown and colder than usual gloomy winter into an epic battle between winter and spring.

Like the Hero’s journey, I descended into the depths of the underworld with Morana but did I emerge again with anything of value? An initiation of self that echoed the duality of polarity, the change of the seasons, and much more. I emerged a different person in many ways on the way discovering connections between earth energies and the ancient Slavs.

The trilogy can be found here

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