Knowing Up from Down

Everyday I marvel at how the left, the mainstream media, social media and the ‘experts ‘want us to believe in their lies. It’s everywhere from the climate non crisis to the idea that vaccines are better than natural immunity. They claim it is science. I say its bullshit. I am a scientist and I do read the published science and these people are trying to create a universe in which up is down and down is up. I’m not buying it and increasingly, it seems others aren’t either.

They are in such a panic that people like us don’t buy into their veneer of lies and anti-science, that they try to censor the truth banning and blocking people and organisations they deem as threats to their diabolical make believe world of control. It is all about control. And money. What they don’t seem to get is that we all have personal networks. We all talk to each other. And we know what they are trying to do in terms of censorship and their woke BS.

The other day, some idiot in the UK Government pushing the agenda said that all kids between 5 and 15-years would get COVID and that they should be vaccinated. Well, good. For kids, COVID is a sniffle and once they have natural immunity that is that. I recall when my friends got chickenpox, my parents took us over to their place to catch it too… better to have it as a child than as an adult they said. Funnily enough, I did not catch it until I had kids and then I was seriously ill for 3 weeks with it as a 30-year old. Also given that more or less everyone knows someone who had horrible vaccine side effects and knowing that the medium-term consequences of the vaccines are unknown, who in their right mind would want to vaccinate small kids?

I think many people now know their politicians are lying. I think they see what is going on. As time goes on more and more will wake up to this and their days in power are numbered. We need to take back control via the ballotbox and let these people know – they work for us and we don’t buy their nonsense woke globalist agenda.

3 thoughts on “Knowing Up from Down

  1. The world has gone crazy. There are days I believe the government’s black magic is working, and people are complying to all demands. Then I see hope in rise of peaceful protests. There’s such a contrast: Norway and Australia. Canada is somewhere in between these extremes. I’d rather be Norway.

    Free Australia. Free all the countries being suppressed under this black magic.

    In truth, one need not be a scientist to understand there is something horribly wrong with the narrative being pushed. A little common sense and critical thinking is all that’s necessary because their lies are so blatant.


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