Mystics Dreamers and Immortals – The Birth of a Podcast

Today, my latest Magical World podcast episode talking with Stuart France about the magic of the land comes out on all audio outlets like Apple, Spotify, etc. and yes, even YouTube. It was a really great conversation and it is filled with magic. Do give it a listen if you have some time….

Meanwhile, I have launched a completely new video podcast with Phoenix the Elder called Mystics, Dreamer and Immortals. The format for this is a bit of a chat between Phoenix and myself on a variety of esoteric topics. The first was on the topic of the origin of spirituality. It is available on its own YouTube channel where you can subscribe to be notified of new episodes at a rate of about one per month….

About Phoenix the Elder

You can find out more about Phoenix the elder at her website – Phoenix the Elder is a master dreamer, dream teacher, dream walker, time jumper, mythologist, lunar-synchronist, empath-healer, karmic soul initiator, meditation teacher, oracle seer, and exorcist in waking and night dreaming. She mastered Zen in the mid-90s, has taught zen meditation, began yoga at 18 years old, and has lead large group journeys and soul journeys for a few decades. She’s worked with stone massage, wildflower essence healer, seer readings, I ching and qi jing practitioner. A devout study of the applications of Chinese, Arabic, and Mediterranean Mythologist and her own Slavic, Balkan and Baltic traditions of healing and mythology of the grandmothers (not paganism).

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