Lithuania is now a Nazi Country

There is a Twitter stream on Twitter by a Lithuanian showing how his family is persecuted and unable to earn money or shop. It includes statements from EU parliament members and members of the Lithuanian Government which tell the unvaxxed to ‘go prepare their graves…’

Lithuania is now a Nazi country run by authoritarians and supported by Nazi sympathisers who will cheer at the demise of their own ex friends and neighbors.

Coming to your country soon.

One thought on “Lithuania is now a Nazi Country

  1. When I read things like this, I hesitate to Like it. It feels wrong. As for “go prepare their graves”, I can’t imagine. What strikes me as unbelievable is, it’s one thing for an organisation or government to say such things, but family and friends are also saying or thinking it. It is like they are under a spell.

    The world has gone crazy. The black magic is strong in Lithuania.


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