Why is Love A Stranger?

When did love become a stranger?

And disappear from my life

She seems to hide from me now

Avoiding contact at any price

When did love become a danger?

To my simple way of life

Edging on the periphery

Of my life and this bleak reality

I catch glimpses of her now and then

Her dark hair and smiling eyes

And a sweet hint of a smile

I sense her keeping her distance

When did love become a stranger

That I someday hope to meet

And be reunited and entranced

And wrapped around her finger

I’d still like to take that chance

Dance that dance, feel that thrill

Know that I am alive again

Turn the stranger into a friend

Yet she still remains the stranger

I hear echoes of her laughter

Smell hints of her sweet perfume

Glimpses of her dancing shadow

Love is a stranger in my life

Something for others, not me

Her memory fades like memories

Of a glorious reddened sunset

Why is love a stranger

Avoiding me.

Why is love a stranger

Roaming free.