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I didn’t have much time to work on the lines today but I got out and went to an area where I had gaps in Brno. Originally, I thought I was working three lines. Then I found a fourth and then a fifth, sixth and so on. I’m still finding new lines. And I no longer have a view of what it all looks like but in time I will. So, I went off towards the Olympia mall and pulled off into Modřice where I had noticed a church back in the town.

Parking the car, I soon found a 12 pace wide line at the church however, it did not run down the aisle. Rather it just caught the alter side of the church. A little south of the church it ran through a kid’s playground (new as well!) and I managed to track it in the vicinity running NNE-SSW.

The church is interesting and as I researched it, I may have found a reason why the line clips the church rather than runs through it…

The original church near Modřice Castle was built at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, its remains with parts of the Romanesque masonry of the nave were discovered during repairs to the plaster of the current church in the 1970s, and possible foundations of the tower were also found in the crypt. In 1222, the parish priest of Modřice, Vilém, was first mentioned. In 1341, the church was allegedly rededicated. It burned down in 1724, then was repaired. Reconstruction to the current Baroque form took place between 1780 and 1784, the original tower was demolished, the nave was expanded, a new presbytery and a tower were built on the east side. Until 1880, there was a cemetery around the church

The dominant feature of the classicist interior of the church is the image of St. Gothard above the altar, there are also two large ceiling paintings, a Gothic wood carving of the Madonna and Child and a group of statues symbolizing the Mount of Olives . 

Pilgrims have long come here to the statue of Pieta for a unique guild pilgrimage to the horticultural guild. Pilgrimage services are held here every Saturday on the feast of St. Gothard (May 5). 

I’d not heard about the Castle. It is long lost but was apparently built in the early 13th Century by Bishop Robert of the Olomouc diocese. I’ve never heard of the Saint either! Apparently, he was around at the time of the Slavs being born in 960 and was a Bavarian Benedictine, missionary, successor abbot of four monasteries, and bishop of Hildesheim , patron of the order Benedictine and saint. He must have played some role with the Slavs of Moravia as well because In 999, he organized the sending of monks to found the Ostrov Monastery in Czechia. Strangely enough, he is sometimes depicted with a dragon at his feet! Anyway, perhaps the line ran through the original church?

I then jumped back in the car and headed to the main shopping mall. The reason was because many weeks ago now, I had dowsed a line while driving south of the mall entrance. I soon found it again and managed to track it a little southwards. It is only around 6 to 8 paces wide however. I then was also able to pick it up north of the mall and again by Ikea about another kilometer north. This is a different line and I suspect this one will join one of the castle lines if I continue to move northwards with it. Something I will do in the coming weeks.

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