The Energy Blame Game – Lies and More Media Lies

As a commodities industry analyst this last 20 odd years, I am watching what I have been predicting happening in real-time. We are awash in fossil fuels with a near inexhaustible supply at the right price and given some investment (that statement will incur the wrath of the narrative zombies – but it is an UNDENIABLE FACT). I have watched as woke politicians and anti-humanity greens pushed the climate crisis nonsense (Yes, it is total bunkum – it hasn’t warmed in 25-years and is set to cool due to the Sun). I have watched as the MSM and its handlers have created one laughable fiction after another creating fairytales about a changing climate and the fragility of humanity or the planet scaring the masses into believing a – well – bigger fairytale – about the climate. Now, I’m laughing – wryly – but laughing cos the crap is all coming home to roost.

Energy prices are soaring driving inflation and shortages of everything. And as the prices soar, the politicians and MSM vainly look for someone to blame. It must be Putin withholding his natural gas, or, or ,or OPEC maybe not producing enough oil….. It’s everyone’s fault except theirs as far as they are concerned.

Well, let me tell you whose fault this is. It is the fault of every politician who simply went with the narrative, with every wet behind the ears, twenty something wanna be journalist who pushed out laughable BS stories in a high pitched voice all the time telling us how virtuous they are. It is Greta’s fault for quitting school and NOT getting an education, it’s the green’s fault because this is what they want – a big die off. Most of all, it is the elite’s fault because this is what they too want a big reset and die off leaving those of us that survive as nothing but vassals without rights. And finally – IT IS YOUR fault for allowing them to fool you.

Wake up.

In a few years time, the plentiful supply of cheap energy will have gone and you will be left back in a Victorian like era, cold and hungry. Every decision not to allow a Russian gas pipeline, every decision not to allow a new generator, every decision to not allow fracing or a new gasfield – under any circumstances – has brought us here and beyond and as we head into what I think will be a very cold winter – we are going to see what happens in our climate without heat – just like in the past centuries. Because that is where we are going – backwards.

All that money being wasted trying to develop new battery tech that isn’t horribly polluting, explosive, heavy and hard to charge. Had it been applied top the internal combustion engine and reducing its CO2, we would have been there by now.

This was NEVER about CO2 – the life giving gas that sustains this planet.

It was always about control.

And so, I like many others see a bleak future in which a massive healthcare crisis brought on by mass vaccination with an under tested ‘vaccine’ that causes significant damage to blood vessels and hearts is combined with rising costs, inflation and poverty – and all in the cold.

Who did this?

They did and you let them

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  1. It’s happening. People will soon be dying in cold winters unable to heat their homes… meanwhile, others will be denied any kind of a life at all simply for having an alternate view on health. Actually, it is already here.

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