Don’t Give ‘Em an Inch!

Give ’em an inch

An’ they will take a mile

Give ’em leeway

While they steal your smile

While all around

The psycho zombies

those virtue signaling poodles

Play the game religiously

The narrative zealots

Come and go cheaply

I tell you again

Give ’em an inch

They’ll take your smile

And everything else you earned

Steal your toil

‘Cos all the while

They want you dead and gone

Even the sniveling sycophants

grovelling ideologues

Who think they are safe

Will be stabbed in the back

Cos they don’t gave a jack

About you nor even

Think you are worthy

To live, unless in feality

To their lusty insanity

Don’t give ’em an inch

Don’t give ’em a mile

Just give ’em the smile

of intransigence.

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