Experimental and Untested

You could be forgiven into thinking that the ‘vaccines’ were just regular vaccines given how many people were scared or forced into them. I just want to remind you that actually, they remain experimental and untested. The entire science behind both the mRNA and the DNA ‘vaccines’ is brand new. It isn’t just one aspect of the ‘vaccine’ like the delivery system that is new – it is everything and no matter how hard they tell you it is not gene therapy, the truth is – they do not actually know and they won’t for years…..

There is so much false about this whole topic that I sometimes hardly know where to begin but lets start with a twitter response I got where some guy told me how many people had died from the virus versus from the vaccines. My response to him was really? In this world of double speak and mandates what constitutes a death from the virus? I think by now, we all know that the definitions of death by virus is about as catch all as it ever could be…. there are also examples of people having the virus written on their death certificates and family being stunned since they know that person was not infected. Furthermore what is the definition of unvaxxed when it comes to death from the virus – go check that out as well. It’s laughable actually – its anyone who got the virus and died if the were not vaxxed at all, had a single shot or were double vaxxed but less than XX days ago. The XX varies from 30 days on upwards.

These definitions are laughable nonsense. They are defined that way to confuse and distort. Just like talk about warming and climate…. they use definitions and statistics in ways that are plainly wrong but hell, it makes you scared so its effective.

These ‘vaccines’ have been rushed through. The medium-term effects cannot be known but according to most experts they are likely to include a number of not pleasant things like increased cancer rates, for example. Don’t let them tell you that this is fact checked and I am telling you a lie. They DO NOT KNOW. They WILL NOT KNOW FOR YEARS. We do know that the short-term side effects for about 20% of people have been horrendous even including death.

Now, we also know that unlike real vaccines, these ‘vaccines’ do not give you immunity at all. And the more the virus morphs and changes, the less effective they are. Not only that, but they used statistics to fool you on their efficacy in the first place! They quote relative risk reduction. Relative reduction of risk is a statistical piece of marketing bullshit – meaningless. The statistic you want is real risk reduction and if you know how, you can calculate it yourself….. it is around ….. 1%. This means that there is 1% less chance you will get infected vaccinated than not. And that was when the ‘vaccine’ came out – it is a lot less than that stunning 1% now.

So, you can get sick and infect others even when vaxxed. There is no keeping this a secret now – everyone knows. Yet, they blame it on the unvaxxed…. set one group against the other, find a scapegoat and keep everyone distracted from the truth… that they took an experimental and untested ‘vaccine’ whose long term effects are not known telling them this would protect them when in fact, it does nothing of the sort. Typical divide and conquer strategy that….

And then they go further and insist on testing unvaxxed people while allowing the vaxxed to do what they will…… Does that even begin to make sense? Well it does if you believe the divisive nonsense but if you step back and think about it, you now run more risk as a vaxxed person that as an unvaxxed person because you can still get sick and spread the virus and are allowed to mix with a whole bunch of untested people.

Yes we live in very upside down world….

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  1. Due to the propaganda coming from government, this has nothing to do with the flu virus or our health. If you get sick with this virus, as with all flu viruses, you have a worse outcome if you are 1) obese; 2) fearful and anxious; 3) have heart disease; 4) diabetic. Well, if you are obese, the chances are you also have heart issues and are diabetic. Add watching the fear mongering on the news, and this is a perfect storm for most developed countries these days as the rate of 1, 2, 3 and 4 are higher than they’ve ever been. And growing by the lockdown.

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