Finding Type 3 Lines in Brno

Today, I decided to follow a new small line from the city out to the edge of town. There did seem to be some kind of message for me as well as I passed a language school where once I had made a vain attempt to learn Czech and then later, to my utter amazement, I found myself outside the front door of an apartment that a friend of mine had organized Czech lessons for us years and years ago…. so, I better start learning again it seemed to me.

The big thing though was that as I am following this 5m line north north east, my rod twitched and turned and stayed turned for a count of 26 paces. I checked, double checked and triple checked it there and on the other side of the broad road. Yep. I had found my first Type 3 line going east-west. I think that having dowsed the one at Albrechtice, I now can find them more easily? To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was also annoyed. I have found half a dozen new lines in the city in the last week and each represents more work to track and I believe there will be others…. the whole exercise begins to have a daunting feel in terms of time investment and yet….. I’m addicted and these lines constantly teach me,

Anyway, I carried on heading north with the small line which by the way, went through the famous red church here in Brno. A red brick building and protestant church designed by architect Heinrich von Ferstel and built up between 1863–1867, it is sighted in central; location and very visible. It’s proper name is the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church of Jan Amos Comenius. Immediately I discovered the 25m line, I realised it would likely have a pair and so I kept my dowsing rod active while I walked. I soon found its pair also heading east-west further up the street.

Eventually, I reached a point at which tracking the small line really requires a car as we got into the suburbs with few cross streets and so I doubled back to the first of the 25m lines and tracked it for a while before going down to the more southerly line and tracking it all the way across and to the end of my street (I would say damn street as I was just shocked by this) – but in truth, I had never dowsed that bit because I tend to dose intermittently when tracking a line. Lesson learned! I also realised there are street that I had not been down dowsing. As I tracked it, I realised that it passed through Louzenecky Park and within 50m of an apartment I had rented. So I can safely say that of the 6 apartments rented or bought in Brno in the last 15 years, every single one sat by an energy line!

My Brno map begins to look very busy but I know how much more work I have to do….. and it is hours and hours and hours. Todays, I dowsed for 5 hours, walked 13.5km and I am exhausted. It takes it out of you. I do hope I find some people here to help …

The ‘Red Church’- the energy line goes straight through the spot I am standing and down the aisle of the church.
The Children’s play ground in the park lies on the 25m line…..

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