And the Blind Shall See?

I note how the narrative has turned its sights on people like me – the unvaxxed. Actually, I predicted this over a year ago and said I suspected we would be persecuted and perhaps even worse as humanity never really learns. Now, here is the strange thing… I haven’t had COVID so no, (I’m not afraid of getting it either – there are now many treatments including Ivermectin, Quercetin, corticoid steroids, platelets etc. that make this a nasty but survivable virus). I’m not spreading it to you. The people spreading it to you are obviously the fellow vaxxed who don’t need to be tested at all.

I want to repeat this yet again. The Vaxx doesn’t stop you getting it, spreading it nor indeed having a serious course. It doesn’t and by now everyone should know this. Everyone I know knows someone who is double vaxxed and got infected. Everyone.

Now, if I want to do something I have to prove a negative test. But if the vaxxed want to do something their grand reward is not to have to test at all. A recipe for disaster if I ever heard one.

The ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work. Well, it does work churning out profits for pfizer, moderna and people like Fauci… but for you and me, its a dud. Its a dud that comes with serious side effects for 20% of those vaxxed and an unknown amount of long-term side effects too. It is still experimental and it is being tested – on you, right now.

You know, I have had every vaccine I needed. Every year, I got the flu vaccine. But this….? The level of lies, pressure, fear mongering, mandates and denying people their god-given personal freedom to choose – that tells you everything you need to know. So for those with eyes to see and ears to hear – WAKE UP. Tell the lying media, politicians and corporates to stop and stop now.

4 thoughts on “And the Blind Shall See?

  1. Me neither. Our immune systems are the best defence any of us have.

    It really is happening! If you want to know what’s coming soon in your country take a look at Lithuania. In less than a year they’ve turned this almost Covid-free enclave into a death-bed of vaccine victims. Vaccines were introduced late December last year. Now hospitals are only treating Covid-19 patients (including children) and they’re running out of beds. But the vaccine refuseniks are being blamed, starved, alienated and treated as pariahs. George Soros put his money into a parliamentary shuffle.


  2. I’ve never had the flu shot. I saw no need. I’ve had the flu a few times in my life with no lasting effects. Mind you, when I heard the flu was really Influenza, a tremour shot through my body. All I knew about Influenza was the Spanish kind that killed millions. It sounds more harmless calling it the flu. All my kids had the flu when they were younger.

    I believe I’ve had this Wuhan Flu, too. For more than three months, I could taste nothing but nastiness. It didn’t matter what it was — chocolate, cheese, potatoes — it all had the same bad taste. My kids told me that was one of the symptoms. I looked it up, and sure enough it was. It’s the only symptom I had.

    The lies and manipulation doesn’t make me fear the rest of the population, but the government is working towards something nasty. And those of us awake to the nonsense know full well what that is.

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  3. I did get the vaccine, because of my (ahem) advanced age. I’ve traveled all over the country this year, by plane, met tons of people while lecturing, and I’m fine. I did it because I remember how very sick I was when I got the flu some years ago. But it is everyone’s choice. You know your own health better than anyone else and I think the governmental vaccine mandates here are going to KILL our economy.


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