Flouride? No Thanks….

In the UK, the Government is to mandate adding flouride to the water supply. The reason is to cut down on tooth decay! Yes, of course it is. A known and demonstrated result of flouride ingestion is a reduction in IQ. In the USA, they are reversing decisions to introduce flouride into the water supply amid growing health concerns and for those who care, floridation is thought to be a process that damages the pineal gland or third eye in humans.

The attack on humanity by central Governments never stops. It’s all done to ‘help’ us too. How nice of them. How about you simply encorage people to eat less sugar and brush their teeth?

If you are British, please consider signing this petition demanding parliament debate the issue…… here.

One thought on “Flouride? No Thanks….

  1. I believe there is fluoride in city water in Nova Scotia. My drinking water comes from a local spring, so I haven’t paid it much attention. Knowing the history behind fluoride and its purpose, I’m not surprised government uses it. I’m surprised people drinking it.

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