Reality Hijacked

I first saw signs of this 30-40 years ago as bits of information seemed to disappear – usually this was information relating to climate such as volcanoes throw out vast quantities of CO2 when they erupt. Even my father commented on it in the early days of the internet when he would go to the internet cafe to do a bit of research only to discover that what he was looking for had been re-written – yes, he was an active anti-climate change via CO2 person as well. Gradually, this hacking of reality has taken on a complete rewrite status. Everything we were taught is now untaught. Common sense is now problematic – after all it leads people to question the narrative as is critical thinking and personal responsibility! Well, that is simply so right wing these days.

Wikipedia is a good example of this rewrite. It started as an online dictionary of stuff but was hijacked and rewritten to be a whole bunch of woke and nonsensical drivel.

Reality – everything that feeds into you unconsciously creating it anyway, has been hijacked. It is now all narrative, agenda and fear. Anyone who tries to think differently is denigrated, ostracized and ridiculed. Humanity is dying hacked by I don’t know what really – a cabal? They use psychological and magical techniques to do this and in the process have created a mass psychosis.

I know that many ordinary folk just want their lives back and a return to normal. They think the way to do that is to go along with the narrative. It isn’t. The way to get normal back is to reject the narrative, reject the lock downs, reject the masks, vaccines and all the other nonsense. But they won’t. It’s too dangerous, too much of a risk.

I have made a decision to basically isolate. I’m not playing ball. I’m working on creating a better reality in which common sense, critical thought, discussion and so on is the norm. I see people like Russell Brand essentially doing the same. Eventually, we will create and alternate world where sanity and science prevails (not the politicized pseudo-science they bombard us with now). Perhaps people will notice the sane and normal parallel world? Maybe that is when they will wake up.

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  1. It’s as if we are a nation of sheep, all following whoever or whatever is leading. I hope 2022 will be the biggest defeat of all this wokeism and progressivism ever imagined. It’s really the only way to defeat it – at the polls for elections large and small. I also contribute to various places dedicated to revealing what the sycophantic media won’t.

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  2. Coincidentally, I naturally isolate from society. I’ve always lived rural. I never will live in a city. If anything, I will live deeper in the woods. The group of people I see on a regular basis will be small. I have no need to have hundreds of regular friends.

    I’ve heard that about Wikipedia. Ironically, back when they were saying don’t use Wikipedia as a reference, I often went there and used their information as a launching pad to learn more. Now, I don’t even bother clicking the link when I see it in the search results. In no way do I want to support them, not even with traffic.

    I vote with my money and my clicks.

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  3. It really is as if a mass hypnosis has occurred. I first realised how ‘they’ use magic to do this when I listened to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ critically. Lenin uses gentle minor chords in the opening bars to lull the listener into a state of deep calm. The chords are so agreeable that they draw you in. He then softly recites a poetic rendition of the Communist Manifesto. The music enables him to make preposterous ideas such as; ‘Imagine no possessions’ sound beautiful. 50 years later the World Economic Forum can get away with telling us ‘By 2030 You will own nothing and you will be happy’ precisely because we’ve already been hypnotised to accept this idea.


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