Here we go – More idiocy

So as of November 1st, people who wish to dine out, visit the pub and so forth will need to show evidence of vaccination, prior infection or a negative test. It’s spreading again so they tell us despite all the vaxxed people. The state media carries stories of how people are lining up for their 3ed jab and they cannot handle the people waiting. They say the hospitals are filling again and the majority are unvaxxed.

I believe not a single word.

I know people who work in the health system. They say there are a few more COVID patients but not many. They say most are double vaxxed as you would expect given the fact that according to the Government, a majority are double vaxxed. I don’t believe that number either as most people I know are not and will not vaxx. That could be bias but I’m including in it ladies I am meeting via a Czech dating site — These are people I never met before and would not usually have any inter action with. Of those that are vaxxed, at least 50% are sick… not with COVID but with something that debilitates them and has no real symptoms to speak of. As for the third jab, I know no one that will willingly submit themselves to another dose – not one.

I don’t disagree with the testing I suppose though my argument would be we have to live with an endemic flu-like virus that eventually will become I suppose a fairly mild thing as a result of (real natural) immunity and the virus morphing. What I disagree with is letting the vaxxed not test. To me, this is a recipe for disaster as we all know by now that the vaccine is not very effective. It doesn’t stop people getting or spreading it and, it seems it doesn’t much reduce symptoms either.

On the other hand, there remains a lot of very scared and rather dumb people out there who still buy into the great reset as a medical emergency.

My daughter and I this morning bought two test kits at a pharmacy. The older lady lining up behind us was visibly panicked as we passed her by…. I feel sorry for people like that, I do. They are victims of State sponsored mental abuse and a medical tyranny the like we have never seen – other than Dr. Mengele’s abhorrent practices.

I do think I begin to see a broader push back. More comments from people who finally begin to figure it out. Beginning to wake up. Recently, I have been watching the image of the Volcano erupting and imagining it as humanities rising anger…..

Wake up people…. this virus is 99.9% survivable. Wherever vaccines have been deployed, more people die and become infected. What is that about?

4 thoughts on “Here we go – More idiocy

  1. Oh this is a total mass psyop designed to get us to go with the Chinese system of social credit. But I do think many are beginning to smell a rat…. It is all lies. I just posted a new blog with a video where Boris Johnson actually inadvertently says so.

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  2. This is a pandemic of fear. Like you, I don’t believe the numbers. In fact, the past 18 months have made me believe that everything the government, their employees and the media say is a lie. Better to start out assuming it is a lie and research the truth than to believe it is truth without question.

    This video by Aubrey Marcus with Mattias Desmet of why people willing give up their freedom gives an interesting spin on the situation:

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  3. Amen, brother. This is state and media sponsored fear-mongering, the better to keep us under their collective thumbs and exert power. The pandemic is under control but they don’t want to give up the power they assumed during the past two years.

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