Doubling Down Is Never A Good Strategy

The UK seems all set to follow Australia into becoming a COVID prison. The Government, probably advised by its psyops specialists, is causing maximum fear and confusion but there is no doubt it wants total control over the people and everyone vaccinated. Like the gambler who doubles down on a losing position, Boris has admitted that the vaccines don’t work and his solution is more of them in the form of a booster – which is nothing more than another shot of the same useless vaccine they already had two shots of. If something doesn’t work the first time only an idiot tries the same strategy again? Or someone with another agenda.

Meanwhile the data on vitamin D is really interesting. Perhaps the solution to living with endemic COVID is some advisory around vitamin D and other supplements and lifestyle choices like not being stressed, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, getting exercise, taking some C and Zinc and perhaps a few other herbal supplements for maximizing immunity? You know, the sort of advice that has been missing from central Governments, MSM and so on since Day one. The kind of things they have actively been working against almost as if they want you ill?

The evidence regarding the vaccines is now quite clear,

  • They are very inneffective at stopping people getting infected a spreading the virus,
  • They seem to increase hositalizations and infections by around 3-4% in places like Israel
  • They come with very high and serious side effects – is it coincidence that the UK’s cardiac arrest rate s up 25% since mass vaccination? I think not,
  • Their long-term effects remain unknown and we may face the biggest health crisis in a few years as a result.

The vaccines should have been withdrawn a long time ago. Yet the push to have us all pricked with the clot shot remains massively disproportionate to their value. Why?

There was a time when I was just waiting to see in order to have my shot but now, I will never take this stuff. Never. I will stick to my own immune system supplemented by a healthy lifestyle and I will continue to ignore media and politicians. I have a brain and I know how to use it. I have free will and I will not compromise on that.

3 thoughts on “Doubling Down Is Never A Good Strategy

  1. For goodness sake Gary. This logical, down to earth common sense that you write is so passé. Keep up with the times. Try the new doublespeak and bafflegab. You’ll get a herd of new followers.


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