Let’s Go Brandon!

When I first heard about this, I gave a wry smile. At least some people have started to appreciate that the President of the USA, rather than leading the free world from tyranny is trying to impose it I thought. Now, I see this everywhere. It has got beyond Biden. It is becoming the call of normies worldwide. It is the rally around which people can signal their resistance of and objection to the woke left and its ridiculous pursuit of totalitarianism.

The pattern is everywhere the same. World leaders are determined to lock us down, turn us against each other, drown us in immigrants, indoctrinate our children and overturn everything that normal people believe it – including God and family – upside down and backwards. It doesn’t seem to matter what their supposed politics are. It is as if they were all bribed, drugged or in on some secret. But it is we who have the power not them! The leader of New Zealand has shown her true colors and many of the others too. Their evil and depravity is matched only by Dr. Mengele, Adolf Hitler and that ilk.

Every one of us that refuses to comply, that ignores them, that won’t but goods or services from a woke business, that ignore pubs and restaurants that want to test or check us to go elsewhere, every one who resigns and tells their employer to go shove it is having an impact.

They control the narrative by controlling the media and filling it with lies and anti science (anti common sense too). They control social media deploying biased and false fact checking and outright banning. They think that they can then control us. They cannot.

All we have to do is not comply. To develop a parallel life style of self-reliance and ween ourselves off central Government then, at every chance, vote the bastards out.

Yes, Let’s go Brandon!

Freedom, choice and integrity.

Live your life. Smile and be happy. Do not comply. Do not do as they order. Avoid all complicit businesses and establishments. Relish your individuality and natural born freedom of choice

One thought on “Let’s Go Brandon!

  1. Yes. It is that simple. Do not comply. At our federal election in September, I was met at the door by a woman with a clipboard. She asked, “Can I have your name and phone number for exposure contact information?” I thought ‘can’? Can you? I said, “No.” A little shocked by the answer, she merely pointed to where I needed to go to vote and said no more. Most were giving name and number at the door because they didn’t know they didn’t have to.


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